For some, dessert is the anticipated dish guests plan their dining selections around, a finishing touch to an already unforgettable meal. Wholly Cow Ice Creams and Sorbets will put your desserts over the top; they will refresh the palette, cap the dining experience and leave diners planning their next visit - check out the testimonials below for proof!

Wholly Cow Super-Premium Ice Cream, categorized as a French custard-style, contains 16% butterfat cream and egg yolks. Made through a batch freezer production process, each tub is carefully hand-packed. Throughout this process the volume of air introduced into the ice cream is precisely calculated and minimized, thus creating a low overrun margin. Most of the manufacturers in the industry maintain an 80% - 100% overrun, whereas Wholly Cow Ice Creams only have a 30-35% overrun. This is what gives the ice cream an incredibly smooth, rich and creamy texture.

The manufacturer’s dedication to the product, commitment to environmentally-safe packaging and high standards are all reasons to join our family of restaurants who already serve Charleston’s own locally-made ice cream.

What Others are Saying

"I love Wholly Cows ‘Killa Vanilla’ Ice Cream! In my 10+ years in this industry, I have still not had a better Ice Cream Product, even one that we make In-House. Having access to such a high quality, local product helps deliver a superior product to our guests. Thanks Wholly Cow for providing to restaurants as well as the local merchants."

Lindsey Cooke-Pawlak, Pastry Chef - The Fat Hen & Wild Olive Restaurants

"I really cannot say enough good things about Wholly Cow Ice Cream! It has a rich start and a velvety finish. It reminds me of homemade ice cream that I enjoyed at my grandparent's house every summer of my childhood. Furthermore, it really completes our dessert menu at the Glass Onion. We take pride in our from-scratch sweets that showcase farm fresh eggs. So, having locally made all natural ice cream is a must. I am proud to say we serve Wholly Cow Ice Cream!"

Sarah O'Kelley, The Glass Onion Restaurant

"The product is outstanding, fabulous flavor and so rich and creamy. We worked with another company for several years only recently making the transition to Wholly Cow. However, it was transition we should have made sooner. The attention to detail, the product and the personal service we receive is something I would suggest to anyone. I am proud to support this locally owned and operated company."

Brett McKee, Oak Steakhouse

"I just have to share how excellent Wholly Cow® ice cream is! I tasted the “very chocolate” ice cream 2 years ago on vacation. I came back home raving how I had the best chocolate ice cream EVER. I went to several ice cream shops trying to find ice cream just as good…but no luck. Every time I visit, we make a stop! If I could get it shipped to my home I would order all the time! Next time we are going to pack a cooler full to bring back home until we visit again. Keep up the great work on making some of the best ice cream I have ever had!! I can’t wait until my next trip to the area!"

SC Tourist

With all-natural ingredients, it's no wonder this is
South Carolina's favorite ice cream!!

Wholly Cow
Ice Creams and Sorbets

It's no mystery why those who devour Wholly Cow Ice Creams scream the loudest! Each gallon is made with the freshest, ever-flavorful ingredients and without rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) or other unnatural additives or preservatives. And the yummy pieces, savored most, are hand-stirred in as well as pureed into the base of the ice cream creating that magical experience.

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